Monday, March 2, 2015

Morning Coffee (3/2/15)

Classic Alice's funding campaign ends FRIDAY. If we get to $50k, something MAGICAL will happen. That's under $14k to go. Can you help? Just a little? Please?

How Designers Recreated Alan Turing's Top-Secret, Code-Cracking World In "The Imitation Game"

I desperately wanted this story to be about a lawsuit about an actual typo made by Ryan Seacrest.

I'm excited about Rebecca Onion's new history stuff at Slate.

Hee: Martha Stewart CANNOT With These "Fifty Shades of Grey" Questions

The Evolution of Julie Plec

Learn How Agent Carter‘s Costume Designer Made All Of Peggy’s Outfits Battle Ready

Veronica Mars meets Gillian Flynn? Yes please.

Fun: Pick the U.S. Presidents (Without Missing One)

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