Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lunchtime Coffee (1/28/15)

How's everyone doing after the blizzard? I spent the morning shoveling, so you're getting lunch break links instead...

Fascinating: Of SNOWTRON and Snowzilla: How Boston Removed Snow From Its Streets Throughout History

Twitter finally has group DMs and it's GREAT.

Emma Watson is going to be Belle!

An Open Letter to People I Hardly Know But Who Hug Me Anyway

Well, this is terrible: Here is Every Boston 2024 Olympic Rendering From the Bid

Huh: "Angry Birds" Developer Rovio Branching Out To Young Adult Novels

Red Velvet Oreos? No.

“Witty Meeting Comebacks that Indicate Your Displeasure While Concealing the (Professionally Discrediting) Whirling Dervish of Your Rage”

“Throwing Money at Problems: A Justification”

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