Thursday, December 18, 2014

Morning Coffee (12/18/14)

Sony won't release The Interview Christmas Day after all

Why we're reporting on Sony's leaked info

The Doomed Sandy Hook Lawsuit

The Trouble with Teaching Rape Law

Church of England Names Libby Lane as First Female Bishop

Questions were raised about The Toast's contract terms earlier this week, and I'm impressed with how they're handling it.

Funny but also useful: Your Quick & Easy Guide To The 5 New Instagram Filters (And What To Use Them For)

Instacart and Di Bruno: Because Sometimes You Just REALLY Need Your Cheese Delivered to You in an Hour (My cousin works for them in Philadelphia and obvious I am very impressed with her work. CHEESE DELIVERY.)

Amazing: A Spinster’s Holiday Gift Guide: What To Buy For The Woman Who Loves Solitude

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